TSB Careers

Retail Banking

In daily contact and listening to your customers, you offer a complete range of banking services and products, adapted to the needs of each customer, from basic day-to-day transactions to realestate projects, including savings solutions and payment cards.

Corporate Banking

You support entrepreneurs throughout the lifecycle of their business, from current operations to financial arrangements.

Loans Analysis

As a specialist, you analyze loan applications and support account managers in order to find the best solutions for customers.

Trading Room

In TSB’s trading room, you will mix with specialized experts with capacity in: money market and inter-banking operations, currency, currency swap, etc...

Trade Finance

You will contribute to the financing of international trade operations with experts in trade and financial operations at a global scale: documentary credits, transfers, international guarantees, etc.


You will be at the crossroads of all banking careers through the flow of transactions: payment methods or interbank relationships. You will also benefit from a global view of the bank’s activities and will contribute to the optimization of the processing of operations.

Risk Analysis

Very close to decision-making circles, you will have a global view of the bank through risk control, balance sheet management, compliance and performance steering, and you will be part of its success.

Other careers

Whichever support career (legal, marketing, HR, IT, Project management, etc.….) you will choose, at TSB you will practice it within specialized teams involved in strategic projects.