National masterCard Platinum Card

Carte MasterCard Platinum Nationale
A card with a cash limit adapted to your lifestyle and which facilitates your various day-to-day operations

The National Mastercard PLATINUM card is a high-end card which allows you to benefit from a comfortable facility (determined based on your income) in addition to your limit and which enables you to :

  • Withdraw cash from Automated Cash Dispensers/ATMs in Tunisia 24/7
  • Pay for your shopping on POS from affiliated businesses or on Tunisian e-commerce sites
  • Pay your utility bills online (STEG, SONEDE, telephone, etc.…)

With the National Mastercard PLATINUM card, you will also enjoy panoply of services :

  • Purchase protection for purchases made with your card
  • Protection for theft or assault following a cash withdrawal from an ATM


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For the holders of a currency account or in convertible Dinar or a Business Travel Allowance, the INTERNATIONAL MasterCard PLATINUM card is a payment/withdrawal card which gives its holder the possibility to enjoy unprecedented privileges.