The bank

Tunisian Saudi Bank (formerly STUSID Bank) is a universal bank created in 1981 following an agreement signed between Tunisia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was provided a capital of 100 million Dinars in equal shares between the Tunisian government and the Saudi government.

Started in 1981 as a development and investment company, for nearly 25 years STUSID (Société Tuniso Saoudienne d’Investissement et de Développement) was committed to the promotion and execution of major innovating projects for Tunisia, thus ensuring, its role as an active element in the support and the promotion of the partnership between Tunisia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 2005, STUSID set off to extend its scope of action through the introduction of universal banking roles and started its conversion by becoming STUSID BANK. This event was a real challenge for the bank who had by then consolidated its role in supporting its customers, and had even managed to extend its field of action, to address all customer segments namely retail customers by focusing on the extension of its network of branches.

With more than 15 years of experience as a universal bank, and in a perspective of continued evolution, in 2017 STUSID BANK adopted a new name to become TSB (Tunisian Saudi Bank).

Company Name Tunisian Saudi Bank
Date of creation 30 May 1981
Legal structure Société Anonyme
Capital 100 Million Dinars
General Manager M.Nabil CHAHDOURA
Address 32, Rue Hédi Karray - 1082 Tunis
Tel. +216 70 243 000
Fax +216 71 753 233
Unique Identifier in the RNE 0013026E
Tax Identification 013026/E/A/M/000
Swift Address TSIDTNTT
Banking mediator M. Youssef IDANI
Adress : 1, Impasse Moussa Ben Noussaier , 2037 Menzah 5
Tél/fax : 71 750 732 / GSM : 98 404 251

Membership of the bank deposit guarantee system

In accordance with the Law No. 2016-48 of July 11, 2016 and Governmental Decree No. 2017-268 of February 1, 2017 setting the rules for intervention, organization and operation of the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, Tunisian Saudi Bank is a member of this fund created to protect depositors by specifying the conditions for compensation in the event of possible unavailability of their deposits.

FGBD membership certificate