YOUNG card

Teach your child autonomy in managing his/her budget without losing control of their spending

YOUNG is a reloadable payment and ATM card for young people aged 14 to 25 and backed on the personal account of either parents or the legal guardian

With a limit to be set and adjusted freely by the parent, the YOUNG card allows you to :

  • Carry out withdrawals from ATMs within the limit of available balance and monthly limit
  • Make payments in all affiliated stores or on Tunisian e-commerce sites

The YOUNG Card can be topped up by :

  • One off transfer or standing order
  • Cash deposit

The advantages of the YOUNG card :

  • Affordable
  • Budget is under control as the limit is set by the parent
  • Possibility to top up the card if needed
  • Free services for text messaging (SMS) and TSBNET (online access)
  • Possibility to ask for a loan at favorable terms, to deal with expenses related to the child’s education (e.g. purchasing a PC, etc...)


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