AFEK mutual fund - Share savings account (FCP AFEK CEA)

Enjoy a double advantage: shared management of the funds invested coupled with a tax incentive

The AFEK mutual fund - share savings account is a blended distribution investment aimed for natural persons and which provides :

  • A high yield borne from a saving carried out over a long duration: savings are frozen over 5 years starting on the 1st January of the year following the subscriptions
  • An annual distribution of dividends
  • Non-taxation of the capital gains made
  • Dividends are subject to a 10% withholding tax
  • The amount invested in the share savings account (with a ceiling of 50,000 TND) is deductible from annual taxable revenues
  • Recover between 15% to 35% of the invested amount with a limit of 40% of tax of the first year of investment.


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