Financing the operating cycle

TSB provides a wide range of services to boost and grow your activity, for your daily financing needs :


Do you need to deal with one off or recurring cashflow lags, or simply with various cashflow needs generated by the operating cycle? Consider our short-term financing solutions which can be adapted to your specific need: overdraft facility, mobilized draft, seasonal loan, finance receivables, etc.…
These solutions are characterized by :

  • Easy to use
  • Quick implementation
  • An interesting amount

Bills discounted

To help you cash in your accounts receivable, held in discount bills, before maturity. you can deposit your discount bills with TSB and anticipate collection of your revenues.

Public procurement financing

Are you interested in a call for bids, a pre-financing of public procurement, an advance on administration receivables ? TSB will assist you and support you to succeed in this mission.

Signed commitments

With an instrument such as signed commitment (endorsement, guarantee), you will optimize your cashflow while avoiding immediate disbursement or by differing payment or accelerate an inflow of funds.

Foreign currency funding

Designed for importers and exporters, foreign currency funding (documentary remittances, documentary credit, outgoing/incoming transfers, pre-financing, etc.…) is a real instrument at the service of the operators of the import/export sector.


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